Is This the Most Prominent Thing in the Nation?

There is a phenomenon happening, and it is magazine writing. You may not know about it, but it’s all around you, in doctor’s offices, drug stores, and even on your neighbor’s coffee table. If there’s one thing it contains, it’s flip analysis, easy proclamations, and nonsensical introductory clauses. Read more “Is This the Most Prominent Thing in the Nation?”

Alternative Punctuation

I’ve had this idea a while that it would be fun to invent some new punctuation marks. This, I’m sure, would be about as welcome as a traffic cop dabbling in interpretive dance on the job, or a semaphorist busting out some renegade signals towards a landing F-16. Recently, though, while sitting on the tarmac at JFK, my frustrated state had me pursuing this flight of whimsy, and I started in on a preface to a work that, I imagined, boldly launches a revolutionary, expanded typographical lexicon. Read more “Alternative Punctuation”

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