[Written in 2012]

Recently, there was a decrease in the significance of my significant other. She who previously had been significant became insignificant. The demotion was initiated, as they say at companies, internally. She requested to terminate the status of her significance. Significantly for me, there’s no protocol in place for halting these things. I was significantly affected. Read more “Significance”

The Reader: A True Story

She stood by her car in the wind in the parking lot of the movie theater. We had met there last time, and she suggested we meet there again, worried that we’d miss each other.

I parked beside her and took the job bag from the seat. As I got out, she approached.

“How are you?” I said.

She said, “Very good.” We had a little small talk, then I set the job bag on my trunk, and pointed out the printed instructions that showed through the clear plastic. The same as last time. One-hundred sixty pages. Front matter, guts, TOC, index, glossary. Read more “The Reader: A True Story”

On a Bike

There is nothing to achieve on a bike, and that is why riding on a spring day such as this, away from my house, where manuscripts await attention and notebooks of novel outlines beg for filling in, brings such relief. Out here, the last mounds of snow hide obstinately in shaded corners on lee sides of houses. They cannot escape their fate, but on a bike I can escape mine. Read more “On a Bike”

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