Today at 6:10

Today at 6:10 EST, the landmark 100 billionth advertisement aired using the implication of coitus to sell a product that has little to no bearing on the performance of the sexual act nor on the likeliness of the sexual act occurring. The spot, which ran on ESPN during a college basketball game, was for Geico Insurance. In it a jolly pig had a broken windshield replaced faster than a man using another insurance company, and used the extra time to speed away on a jetski with a leggy, busty blond clinging to him amorously. Read more “Today at 6:10”

Chemicals! (The Musical)

There’s Chemicals in the Clothing
A One-Half-Act Play


MITCH TYRANNICAL, CEO MegaPetroLith Corp., a giant conglomerate of consumer goods brands. A 46-year-old, handsome megalomaniac with slicked-back hair, square jaw, Cheney-esque sneer, in a dark three-piece suit. A cloud of thick white smoke encircles his head, though no cigar is seen.

“Formaldehyde is commonly found in a broad range of consumer products and can show up in practically every room of the house. Read more “Chemicals! (The Musical)”