Happy Accident: A Gallery

I’m calling this gallery “Happy Accident,” because that’s how it came to be.

I was shooting video out my window: turkeys in the yard or the pileated woodpecker visiting—I don’t remember what. And when I set the camera down (a Canon PowerShot), I happened to set it on a printout of a short story I’d been editing by hand on a printout. I was trying to navigate the camera’s menu (old man, tiny buttons) when I accidentally took a photo.

When I looked at the photo, I saw a fragment of type: “…it’s not hard trying. Snicker.” But what I heard in my head was “Trying hard not to snicker.” This leap seemed possible because my brain was reading a photograph of type, not type itself.

This was enough to make the exercise seem meaningful, and I pursued it. The results are here.