Season 2 of The Typing Channel Launches

There have been a lot of exciting launches lately. Space X sent that rocket up in the sky last week. A new era in judicial fuckery happened on the Sir-Preem Court. In several hundred classrooms today, projectiles were launched towards blackboards, nerds, and ceilings.

As adequate as that introduction is, it still fails to prepare you for the enormity of the Season 2 launch of The Typing Channel. As you know, The Typing Channel is only available here at and not any other platform such as Netflix or Hulu. And as you know, TTC is the world’s leading distributor of quality typing content.

Season 2 gets off to a bang with a rare sunshower—yes, a rain shower that happens under sunny skies. If that alone doesn’t propel you to the floor in paroxysms of delight, behold the epic typing session that ensues on a new Logitech wireless keyboard with action so delicate and precise, Dickens himself may climb from his grave to ponder the sonorousness.

So, without further ado, here it is! Enjoy, S2E1 of The Typing Channel.

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