The 18th Annual Convention of Doctors Whose Fathers Were Helplessly Dyingat The Junction.

A soggy, humid night outside the Four Points by Sheraton, on Airport Access Blvd. in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Secretary of Groveland” in Cottonwood.

Michelle McLellan had been a teacher, like her mother and aunt, waking before dawn nine months a year, staging energetic performances five periods a day…

The White Man’s Incredulity Furrows His Brow” in Puerto Del Sol.

Reggie’s dad is in a foul mood, and it is turning into one of those nights when Reggie is picking things up and putting them down, picking things up and putting them down…

Randy Randall” in The Evansville Review.

I noticed him, his newness, right away at the copier, with his flubby girth and tight clothes, leaning over the buttons in a panic, as if at an ATM with a gun to his back.

28 Things About the Beast” in Qwerty.

Then The Beast appeared on the horizon, its ears first, then hoary eyes, leather nose, fattened cheeks the color of yellow omelets.