I Like It There

From time to time, I post to Facebook the cover art or track list of a bootleg I’m listening to. Today, here’s a single track from one of the shows. It’s “I Like It There,” from a show in Seattle in 2013 with his band Third Eye Girl. The track was on the studio release Chaos and Disorder, from 1994, a release that, I believe, served to fulfill his contractual obligation with Warner Bros. records. He put it out but did not promote or tour around it. The album yielded no hits, and seemed to channel anger and disdain in some lyrics, though it was also at times hilarious (“Dinner with Delores” and “Zannalee”), the guitar playing was aggressive, and of course, though hardly mainstream, the music was brilliant. Read more “I Like It There”

Junk Drawer, Autumn, Indiscretion, Modes of Transport, Butterflies

Hey, folks. Well, this year is nearly out. Only a couple days and this debacle known as 2017 will wrap. Back from holidays spent in the great Midwest, and I’m cleaning out my junk drawers, literal and figurative. Here’s a little post from September that I never completed.

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